The 7 Best Online Places To Offer Your Freelance Services

This is for everyone - If you have sets of skill or some special know-how that you would like to share with the world there are several extremely useful platforms you can propose your freelance services on. 

Skillshare is a community marketplace for knowledge. You can easily set up courses for others and teach whatever topic you rock at!

With over 1.5 millions experts and completed 1 million jobs, Guru is an online site to sign-up and offer your expertise to the world.

Fiverr is a platform where you can offer services for $5. Be it funny or useful the Fiverr community sees 60m monthly visitors & welcomes you to offer whatever you are good at!

Looking to hire students for your projects? Hire talented student freelancers on this platform.

Upwork is a crowdsourcing website for professionals. Browse many different projects and pitch your freelance services, get a contract and create reputation for your next potential clients.

Freelancer covers every possible niche when it comes to outsourcing but focuses on tech & development projects. It’s the perfect place to propose your IT freelance services!

If you are a gifted graphic designer you should consider 99 Designs as one of your service hubs. Participate in design contests and win with your creations.

There are a lot more platforms to try, I will try to make Top 100.  Do you have recommendations to include?

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