Blog Starter - Step 1 What's The Idea?

First step, think of your hobbies, interests or things that you love doing. This is the most crucial part in starting a blog, finding a niche that let you express your passion as your content on a regular basis. Stick to it, make it grow and strive to get better everyday.

Currently, there’s a massive uprising of food, healthy lifestyle and tech blogs, If you like those themes, focus on the specific subject that you can share your expertise or that you can talk about, find the value to spread to like-minded target audience. You can also try jotting down the top 10 things that you are most interested at, start eliminating the list until you have that clarity on to which one is the most essential to you. Once you are completely certain that what you have selected is what you love doing with pleasure for the rest of your life, then you are on the right track.


As I’ve mentioned from the beginning, you could earn a living through blogging and there's no doubt about it. However if this is your primary goal, it’s a dangerous route because you are following the money and not your passion. Don’t make money as your primary consideration, focus on spending your life doing what you love and everything will just follow. If the realism of how much money you earn is your primary motive you will instantly limit your options to what’s expected, getting to do what you love will be tough. Allow yourself to ponder what’s next and pursue your curiosity. Eventually you will be empowered to do what you love and earn as much as you can on your own terms.

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