Blog Starter - Step 6 Start Blogging

This step can also be done right after you choose your platform, from then on, you are in fact ready to post. As a beginner, this could be terrifying, in fact my first post before does not make sense at all. Sorry, to give you a negative start but to be honest, it was not easy for me either. For what it’s worth, all that uncertainty and fears that you have will be overcome once you find the joy of blogging.

As mentioned in the beginning, stick to your niche and ask crucial questions, such as what does your target audience need. You might want to read similar topics and find out what hasn’t been written or produced yet. Don’t settle with mediocre idea, come up with a great topic to talk about.

Brainstorming – find a quiet place at your own uninterrupted time and list down all topics related to your blog. Let all your creativity flow until you get to focus on your main idea.

Start Writing – I always use Microsoft word first than writing directly to blog platform, in this way I could check the spelling, synonyms and grammar. Open with an appealing introduction, proceed to body to expand what are you trying to say and end with sensible conclusion. Use quotes, images ( this is my fave style), infographics, videos you produce or from other source to support your argument, this will give your posts more element and authority with the subject that you are talking about.

Re-Read and Edit – Once you finish, read and edit until you are satisfied with your writing points.

It takes a lot of courage to write, but once you got it, give all what you got, all in and continue engaging with your audience.

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