Blog Starter - Step 8 Promote & Monetize Your Blog

If your main reason for blogging is just for a hobby or writing as a therapy, you don’t really need this step. However, if you’re thinking into making money with your blogging efforts, you should plan and give it a serious thought. It’s sounds very hard and can be complicated as it seem but honestly it isn’t. You just have to find out which method is the best one and how to execute effectively. First thing to remember is, your blog is not a business, it is kind of a promotional influence. The product, service or anything that you are endorsing as a brand is the business, and that is where you make money.

There are a lot of strategies that you can use as a start, you can pick up more ways as you become aware of what you can do and design to attract your target customers. These are common ways to monetize your blog:

1. Pay per Click Advertising (Google Adsense) – This is an immense advertising network where the company allows publishers including bloggers to tap the market with all ads from advertisers. You can earn anywhere from $0.50 to $5 per click. But you have to get enough traffic to your sites to get enough income every month. Google Adsense is also linked to YouTube monetization if you plan to start your own channel. Application is very simple, just log-on to your gmail or google account, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully as Google has very strict and often it’s hard to get and stay approved.

 2. Affiliate Marketing – It is where the companies allows publishers resell their products or services online and you get commission when it is sold through your website using the promotional link or banner. Commission might be from 30% or higher. You can sign-up with the most popular platforms below.

These are just examples, there are more ways to earn that is on separate blog post HERE. Now that you are all set, welcome to the blogging world and be the best on your game. Your success is up to you, stay humble and always focus on what you want to achieve.

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