About Me

Hi, my name is Rafael Roxas. I like travelling and hunt food (a lot!). Born in Davao City and grew up in many different places in the Philippines. Worked abroad since 2002. 

Building community development and mentoring other people are my deepest passion. I have created different platforms for interest groups & for Filipino community. I'm addicted to creativity (I can't stop). I offer different services with my team in Roxas Media. My specialty is building online businesses. If you need help with your startup, I can work with you one-on-one to assist you find ways to solve your issues.  I have a lot of interest apart from having several endeavors and I like to keep myself busy, really busy.  Love talking to people, it never fails to amaze me how unique everybody is and that everyone has special quality to offer. Professionally, I'm an accountant/hotelier and simply love pursuing my passion in entrepreneurship.

I set-up this blog with a goal to enhance my entrepreneurial, writing and speaking skills - by making small talks through my channel. Topics would be about anything that has to do with being productive and probably more as I progress.

If you like some interesting updates about living a balance life WORK + TRAVEL + BUSINESS and most importantly living the dream with FAMILY follow me on my social media accounts.

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