How to Start Your Own Business

Are you employed and thought of having your own business? Yes It’s not easy but the GOOD NEWS is, everyone can do it regardless of your age, educational qualification and ethnicity. Everyone can begin from scratch with an open mind. There’ll be times that you will encounter doubts and sometimes will not get support from your own family and friends. But don’t fret, it’s more important to take that chance and begin something than regret in the future not knowing what could’ve happen if you didn't.
Be prepared of the challenges along the way, I know this because I have started several retail businesses in the Philippines while I was working abroad and all failed before it could take off. That’s only one example, if you are not physically there to manage your business. If this happens to you, consider it as chance to begin again.

“Failures are part of life, if you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you’ll never change.” 
So how does really one start a successful business? Here’s some points to consider: 

1. Ask yourself what is the purpose of your business - Brain storm with that idea and get a clear understanding if it make sense to you and to everyone around. Your ideas and passion are worth something more than you think. However, following your passion alone does not guarantee success, it only implies that you find out what you might be good at. Without cultivating your passion, truly integrating it in your work and find the value of that ability in your daily lifestyle, your passion is just a mere discovery.  What do you really wanna do? Find that reason why you wake up in the morning.

2. Make a feasibility study – You don’t need to create an elaborate statistical kind. Once you are clear with what you wanna do, just be real if you have resources, ability and weigh in the pros and cons. Put everything on the table. Check and double check if you can really do it. Go on and check if you have potential target market, learn from them. Who are your competitions and how to overcome the obstacles.

3. Lay the final plan – Think of your sustainable way to support your business. Draw the processes in respond to your target market, how would you make profits, get more and retain your customers? How would you react to current innovation? Once you have it all laid out and researched, you are now ready for the final step.

4. Time to take action – Implement your plan. You have to be hands on and be there for the business, it requires a lot of your attention in the beginning. Set it up properly and execute all your planned strategy. Take a leap of faith, you could always make money as long as you are able to but you could never turn back time.

Now, if you really want to start something that you think will change your life forever, do it now and focus on smaller things and make it big as you progress. Stop making excuses and finish something that you’ve started. Having a project is awesome and it’s even more fulfilling if you see it flourished to its full potential.

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