More Ways to Monetize Your Blog Effectively

Aside from the most common ways to make money blogging in mentioned in Step 8 of Blog Starter. (Don’t have a blog? CREATE one today) There are a lot more to clout monetization on your blog that works. It can be done by anyone ( literally anyone even without experience) but of course it is not something that grows overnight. Expecting to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars every month would be unrealistic if you don’t work hard with your strategies. Here are more list, find what is best that suit your needs or appropriate for your blog or website:

1. Sell an E-book – you can simply put a link of affiliate from Amazon kindle or better yet, write your own and sell it directly to your blog or website. Either way, you will earn but unlike selling through an affiliate where you only get a commission, writing your own will be more priced according to what you want and earn it all.

2. Offer Ad Space – sell sidebar banner directly to companies that you think offer value their customers.

3. Donations – accept donations from your followers, it’s not an easy pitch but if you truly meet the needs of your target audience, see value in your cause or whatever project you’re doing, you will win and get more funds to cover your expenses. Set-up a button though paypal.

4. Create niche classifieds websites or marketplace – I’m doing this as part of my business product online. I’m creating ready-to-use responsive websites with social log-in and sell it to start-up owners who needs it. I do all the development, from terms and conditions through FAQ’s. All they need to do is promote, maintain it and do the business.

5. Get leads for other companies - Build an email list and connect the consumer of what they need through companies.

6. Make your own shop (ecommerce) – sell your own products or services, if you’re good at baking – sell cupcakes or cakes for all occasion. T-shirts, mugs and or anything.

7. Start a forum class – everyone of us has our own expertise, offer classes for a fee.

8. Offer consulting – just like classes, you can offer consultation services for a fee, whatever it is that your target market might need.

9. Sign-up with coupon and discount sites – sign-up and resale the offers.

10. Just do what others are doing – as you become aware of what else can be done, keep on finding what is best and that works for the majority of bloggers.

I am certain that there's a lot more. Continue to explore all options, don't limit yourself, try and figure out how to win in monetising your blogs.

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