How to Handle People Who Criticize You Online & Offline

One attendee during my micro session in Dubai was eager to start a blog but was hesitant because she worry about negative comments from other people. Unfortunately, with the rise of social media and its significance to our daily lives, people throwing opinions on our posts are inevitable. Everyone seems to have something to say on anything, to the extent that sometimes they get extremely aggressive.

I totally understand the apprehension of new bloggers or entrepreneurs that are starting to build their brands. While more common with writing articles and or posting videos, you will likely get negative comments on social media, it is also evident on our personal Facebook account. Triggering a mistake that touches the sensitive issues like race, gender and economy can incite a viral mess if not handled thoughtfully. Despite facing this concern, Focus on your goal and don’t get distracted. Start what you want to do anyway and make it happen. Even best of the best person on their field can’t avoid this, there is no reason why we can’t handle the same.

Regrettably there is no way to control peoples opinion, however your reaction to deal with them is extremely important. Here are ways to handle different kind of commenters:

1. Bashers, haters and trolls – they are the one who disagree in everything you say, people who don’t want to see you happy or succeed in life and they always say negative things behind your back. Some of them are totally stranger and some are your family and friends. It’s easy to say don’t mind these people but some of us are affected, to the extent that we get emotional. Don’t ignore them completely, ask them specifically what they are bashing about, not unless what they are saying is utterly irrelevant then flout. It is imperative to stay cheerful and firm. They will feel more embarrass to know that you are not affected.

2. Followers – people who believe in you. Hear them out, they can give you a collective perspective of things that you don’t get to see on your own, use it on your advantage, remember that this is one of the primary reason why we create our profile in public so we can connect and communicate with our target audience, perhaps they are your feedback if what you are doing is valuable.

3. Professional critics – these people are considered as influencer or authority on their fields, they usually do constructive criticism which are always beneficial for you to learn and grow in your subject matter.

4. Media - would published everything that you said or mention, sometimes things that would put yourself in a controversy, with this you need to be careful of things that you share, some things are best to be kept in private, you need to know to some extent to control yourself if you are way too vocal or vulgar.

Always plan in advance, you need to find a solution for any possible negative comment and always double check your work for any error, research , research and research. You need to have a well-informed posts all the time. If response is necessary, do it quickly before it escalates to be expose to other followers who will have the same thought. You can also contact them privately and see what is the reason behind their post. Take control of this situation by anticipating what would be the possible thoughts of your audience.

Reputation is an asset to guard, at the same time find that balance to still be your authentic self when you speak your mind in public through article or video posts.

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