Swag Food Truck Keeping it Real in Dubai

Night derives - as the city relaxes from scorching sun, Dubai World Trade Center converts one of it's hall into foodie haven. This, my friends, is how innovation in entrepreneurship grind in act, somehow finds its way to lure food truck owners and organizers to this summer event series.

A familiar face called while I was waiting for my beer, Shelston as I realized. Of course, I would find their truck on this event, unexpected timing – in a way predictable. I’ve been planning to film these guys, piece-up their decision, why leave the hospitality industry, and there I was, finally made it to Swag Food Truck by chance or not. It was nice catching up with these two young budding business partners and friends, took the courage to begin a business of their own.

From left - Umash and Shelston, certified foodies and swagger 😆 

The gourmet menu choices pricing reflects its humble launch and cleverness. Not confirming that it is, would be a shame, after all, I am a food and beverage cost controller.

I still could not overcome the gosh of the ribs offered first by Umash, by far - t’was preeminent and delicious! My family and a couple friend from Bahrain enjoyed the rest of the spread, ranges from luscious burgers, specialty tacos, and gourmet fries. Besides, drink selection are refreshing and sensational. They definitely swag it up, head to their truck - be impress, full, and get yourself satisfied.

I’ll be rooting for these two ex-hoteliers as they continue to offer the best gourmet street food to everyone – safeguarding supreme quality and service. Consistency is guaranteed from their deep understanding of the industry, with years of experience from several five-star properties in the region and the USA. Asking if they would go back to work in a hotel again? Both are in unison that they don't think so. That is not hard to understand at all, seeing them rocking it solid at the scene - for me that is enough validation, convinced that they are doing the right thing.

Food unites us all indeed, this summer make that excuse to go out and enjoy real food at TruckersDXB warehouse. Head to Swag Food Truck, let it be your cheat day, every time they’re on. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook, better yet book the whole truck for any occasion. Yes you can!  I will be back for more...

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