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About Me

Welcome! I'm Rafa - hotelier and food and beverage events curator, currently in Melbourne. Born in Davao City and grew up in different places in the Philippines. Worked abroad since 2002, travelled to 24 countries and counting. 

I began working in a hotel right after I realize that banking industry wasn’t for me. Saudi Arabia was my first destination. From there, I worked in several countries.  When we (my family) moved to Melbourne in 2019, I re-launched this blog to be all about food and travel. 

Working in hotels as food and beverage cost controller is a privilege.  More than just costing or menu engineering, It is an eye opener to discover food origins and it's significance, at least for me.

As my fascination for stories behind a dish grew everyday, I started learning how to cook. I spoke with Chef's and or pundit home cooks asking about their technique. It's quite interesting how a simple twist of method and or adding a pinch of ingredient makes a lot of difference in a dish. Though, I also quickly realize that, even you master from the best culinary school if you don't put LOVE into your cooking, it will utterly taste bland.

With all of my gathered experience - in discovering food gems, I started a walking food tour gig in Dubai and Melbourne. Join me and my team in exploring best places to eat and track down new cuisines, markets and take in some pretty riveting food trends that we can find.

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